Lilly or Vera?

It’s the real question every preppy girl asks herself when shopping.

Should I go with the CUTE Lilly Pulitzer phone case and planner? Or should I go with the Vera Bradley phone case and hipster? 

After experiencing the luxuries of both I only have one thing to say.


We all know that Lilly has every preppy girls heart, but doesn’t Vera deserve some love too? After-all they have tons of cute patterns and lots of different super great bags and goodies. I know that traveling for me is easy with my Vera bags and my Lilly clothes. Here in Colorado we have EVERY season so Lilly clothes come in handy while the versatility of Vera is always helpful.

You can love both places and prints because they both have completely different function! I’ll list some of the best functions below:

Vera Bradley-

  1. Bagsvera bradley bags

Oh my gosh guys, Vera Bradley bags are amazing! They have different sizes from small wallets that can go cross-body to huge totes that can carry anything you need it to! Ever been to an amusement park and needed to carry just your phone and money? They have small cross-bodies to help you with that! Need to pack your life for a trip? They’ve got huge totes perfect for that! They even have cute backpacks that you can bring with you to school. (pc: Google Images)

2. Different Patternsvera prints

Alright y’all stay with me for a second, but Lilly Pulitzer is not the end all be all of patterns. I know I know, I’m a disgrace to preps everywhere! But really y’all there are so many cute patterns Vera Bradley has that are different but just as pretty and cute as Lilly!

Lilly Pulitzer-

  1. Clothes!lilly clothes

Oh goodness y’all can we take a second to appreciate the CUTEST clothes from Lilly? They have the best dresses and shirts I’ve ever seen and the skirts are BEAUTIFUL!! You can always find different accessories or clothing items to compliment a Lilly piece or you could just pair Lilly with LILLY! (pc: Google Images)

2. Planners/Agendaslilly planners

Okay y’all, I am a HUGE planner girl and I love planning every bit of my life. Lilly’s planners are so great! They include a different array of planners with all the different types of patterns. Vera has some planners and I’ve owned them but I noticed myself writing in my Lilly more than my Vera. (pc: Google Images)


So there were only a couple things I could put on this post for both Vera and Lilly without making an article out of it! Those are just the two pro’s for each. I’m aware there are cons but I believe in positivity so I chose to only see the good things about both of these amazing companies!


Thanks for reading!

Bye Beauties


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